Daily Activities

At Fellowship, we believe in nurturing the body and the mind through a vibrant array of activities designed to invigorate and inspire.

 Morning Activities

  • Energizing Morning Exercise Sessions
  • Thought-Provoking Reminiscence Sessions
  • Stimulating Group Discussions
  • Staying Updated with Current Events
  • Friendly and Fun Balloon Volleyball
  • Ring Toss Challenges to Boost Coordination
  • Brain-Teasing Spelling Bee Competitions
  • Engaging Trivia Games
  • Sparking Creativity with Picture Play
  • Mental Agility Training with Flash Cards

 Afternoon Activities

  • Thrilling Bingo Games for All
  • Playful Parachute Activities for Light-hearted Fun
  • Educational Health Teaching Sessions
  • Embracing the Digital Age with Computer Classes
  • Unleashing Creativity with Crafting Sessions
  • Connecting with Nature through Gardening
  • Culinary Adventures in Cooking Classes
  • Energizing with Basketball Matches
  • Fun-filled Bowling and Ping-Pong
  • Relaxing Pool Sessions
  • Enjoying Movie Screenings
  • Grooving to the oldies

Group Bonding Activities

  • Monthly Field Trips to Places of Interest, Exploring the World Together
  • Exciting “Movie Friday” Every Week for Entertaining Film Screenings
  • Joyous Birthday Celebrations at the End of Each Month, Making Every Birthday Special
  • Spiritual Enrichment: Weekly Visits from a Minister, Providing Fellowship for Those Unable to Attend Sunday Services
  • Alternative Activities for Those Opting Out of Church Gatherings, Ensuring Inclusive Engagement for All
  • Our members Join in these fulfilling activities to create joyful memories together!